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Melanie Martinez CPM, LM

13 Moons Midwifery is an evidence based midwifery practice providing care for people to explore and nurture their mental, emotional, and physical health. These are entwined and flavor our childbearing and life experiences.

As a midwife I prioritize the many facets of safety while striving to maintain the integrity of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum plan. My intended impact is for clients, and their families, to feel safe, seen & heard, educated, and empowered as they navigate their childbearing year and beyond.

I approach midwifery care through the lens of true informed consent. All facets of your care are discussed thoroughly so that you can make informed choices. In addition to individualized midwifery care, I also offer additional educational opportunities including childbirth education, nutritional and lifestyle coaching, relationship building, family planning, and sexual health empowerment.

I am a community midwife licensed in the state of Wisconsin. I maintain current certifications in Neonatal Resuscitation and Basic Life Support CPR/AED/First Aid for health care providers. I am a continual student of Breech Without Boarders, as well as the Midwifery Wisdom Collective.


My pronouns are she/her/hers. I actively engage in continued education, personal growth, and paying reparations. I strive to provide culturally congruent, equitable care within my evidence based practice. I am a mother, partner, auntie, loyal friend & movement & self-defense instructor. I enjoy bee keeping, gardening, sewing, and being with nature.


Community Midwifery Care

Evidence based midwifery care from the heart.


Travel Midwifery

Building worldwide friendships through midwifery care.

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Postpartum Support

Guidance and care for the 4th trimester.

Breastfeeding Support Midwife Mother (1)

Education & Resources

Community and online resources for education and extended care.

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Contact Melanie

13 Moons Midwifery

Viroqua, Wisconsin

Tel: (608) 606-6313


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