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Will insurance pay for a Licensed Midwife, birth center or home birth?

Our private insurance biller offers services to clients of midwifery care through:

  • Free Verification of Benefits (VOB)

    • Getting this done as early in pregnancy as possible is better!

    • Gives a clear view of your benefits available from your insurance plan(s).

    • Can help you decide if it’s worth billing insurance. ○ Includes applications for GAP exceptions or Prior Authorizations if you are using an out of network provider.

    • Email or call to request a verification, I’ll have it completed within 7 days.

  • $150 flat fee for ALL billing services

    • Pay when it’s time to submit a bill to insurance, after baby is born; payable by client, not midwife.

    • Includes billing for mother, baby and birth center if applicable.

    • Includes Rejection and Denial management if needed (sometimes a little research into why a bill is rejected or denied can yield results!).

    • Covers medical coding for your bill if your midwife requests it. Knowing if you can bill your insurance for the midwife and birth place you have chosen is an important first step, and this can be done early on in pregnancy.


Give our biller a call, text or email anytime, and she can figure out if your insurance will pay for what you want!


Sarah Lyons 320 761 5148

Email -

Website -


Insurance reimbursements do not affect the fee your midwife collects. It reimburses you for your cost.

midwife who accepts insurance

Contact Melanie Martinez

13 Moons Midwifery

Viroqua, Wisconsin

Tel: (608) 606-6313


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