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Postpartum Support

The postpartum period is the transitional stage where your hormones, body, and mind adjust to the shift from pregnant to non-pregnant parent of an infant. This stage usually lasts 6-8 weeks after your baby is born. If well supported, it can be a time for rest, recuperation, and bonding. If unsupported, it can be quite stressful and take longer. To help you prepare, postpartum planning is included in your prenatal visits. I will help you develop a postpartum plan that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Postpartum and newborn visits generally occur at 24-48hrs, 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks. I will come to your home for the first month of postpartum care. Your final visit at 6 weeks PP takes place at my office where we enjoy a longer visit.

Some topics addressed in postpartum planning and care are:

  • Breastfeeding

  • Placentophagy

  • Self care, nutrition & body care

  • Home life adjustments

  • Communication in relationships

  • Sexual health and wellness

  • What to expect with siblings and pets

  • Pelvic floor physical therapy referral

I also offer postpartum care for those who have had a hospital birth. Individual postpartum/newborn visits at your home are $100/hr. Office visits are $75-$100/hr sliding scale.


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