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Onsite midwifery care for your chosen birthing space.

I love traveling to interesting and/or beautiful places domestically and around the world and enjoy providing midwifery care. Putting the two together sounds even better! These situations will vary from case to case, depending upon my availability and the laws where you live. When planning a destination birth I do not take other clients during your due month. If you are interested, please call right away to discuss reserving your due month.

We will meet via video chat on the same schedule and using the same outline as my local community clients. Physical prenatal care with your local practitioner is mandatory for your safety and your baby’s safety and will be reviewed together at our visits. At 38 to 39 weeks of pregnancy I will travel to you and we will continue prenatal care until your birth. I will stay up to 7 days postpartum providing regular visits assessing you and your baby. Care will continue until 6 weeks postpartum via video chat. Continued physical postpartum and newborn care with your local primary care provider is important and strongly encouraged.

All of my traveling costs will be your responsibility unless other arrangements have been made. This includes airfair, lodging (your property, AirBnB, ect), and a form of transportation during my stay. It is also your responsibility to pay the fee for your birth prior to me traveling. My family may accompany me (at no cost to you) if circumstance allows.


Contact Melanie Martinez

13 Moons Midwifery

Viroqua, Wisconsin

Tel: (608) 606-6313


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